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白鬚印尼牛丸 Bakso Indonesian Beef Ball Boxset

白鬚印尼牛丸 Bakso Indonesian Beef Ball Boxset

白鬚牛丸製造秘方由印尼人傳授 再配合香港人口味 以自家製方式在本地生產
牛丸以優質牛冧肉和少量雞髀肉混合而成 (無豬肉) 比一般中式牛丸軟腍卻充滿香濃牛味
此外更加入適量黑椒及洋蔥 令味道及肉質更具層次

BAKSO Indonesian beef ball recipe was taught to us by local Indonesian chefs, though we have adjusted the recipe a little bit to better match the palette of Hong Kongers. Our beef balls are all produced locally in Hong Kong.
The BAKSO beef balls are made out of a mixture of beef rump and chicken thigh meat and is pork free. A combination of onions and black pepper is added and the result is a soft and moist meatball that has a deep and complex beef flavor.
Savory and meaty, while still being succulent and delicate.

Ingredients 成份
牛肉, 雞肉, 洋蔥, 碳酸氫鈉, 木薯粉, 黑椒, 雞蛋, 蒜, 植物油, 食鹽, 水, 牛味粉
Beef meat, Chicken meat, Onion, Sodium Bicarbonate, Tapioca Starch, Pepper, Egg, Garlic, Vegetable Oil, Salt, Water, Beef flavour Powder

No preservatives added

Net Weight:200g

Made in Hong Kong 香港製造

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